Thanks for being there for me,
through good times and bad times.
I will be on your side even if the the world ends.
When the world is going,
I will be here,
now and until the end.
Your my very best friend.
The one that I look up to.
The one that I run to, when I have a problem.
The one that I talk to.
Your the one best friend that was always there for me.
I wanna thank you for all the things you gave and showed me.

the story of our sweet Sandu-------

Here is the most romantic ,classic and distracted banda among us.Sandu(ali-shekh..)landed on kota on aprail 15,2007 with the fake hope of securing 1st rank in iit-jee2009 and ultimately disillusioned dis year .............

He pays 1200 for his mess but i never saw him eating his own tiffin.Dude has already made 8 night outs dis year as he never denys for night outs so its easy to ask him...................bunking classes ,trips to Nag and wasting time at Krishna juice hv become the basic needs of sand
something abt his life-

2.D.O.B.-may 23
3.fav color-red
4.first crush-akansha(dumped in class six)
5.fav cs weapon-short gun
6.fav time pass-sona( sapne me kya dekhta hai?)
7.fav dialouge-"r u sure?"

Who can beat abhi in flat out?

oh yeah...............
sometime cool,sometime a patriot and the rest time a complete senty-thats our Purohit ji.
he landed here with our sandu, most probebly with the same illusion!
S2 batch of bansal classes is not bad as u can find the hottest chicks of bansal there,but what he found was more than anything.he got his best friends there who will come latter in dis blog down.
Even he pays 1200 for his mess but its often rare to see him eating his own tiffin but worst part is that paying room rent is worthless for him as we never let him use his room rent properly.
Bhaishahab is in love(may be fosla) with *s@@@@,his ex class mate(thank god she is a girl as he was supposed to be a g_y).

*note-ask bhatiya to know more about s@@@@.

1. Nick name- Senty
2. D.O.B -23rd aug
3. Fav actor- amir khan
4. 1st crush- v@@@@@@@(bhabhi)
5.fav cs weapon-maverick carbine
6.fav time pass-licking novels("ROHAN KE LIYE")
7.fav dialouge-Ravendal chal rahe ho?

What is purohits future?

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All hot girls put ur hands up in the air for our great Bhatiya.He likes boys too.same here -the bulls eye victim.But honestly speaking he attended each and every class of bansal.In xi he did in his own class but as he entered class xii ,one could find him in batches of class xii and of xiii.But he rejected iits becoz he thinks DU colleges r better place to find gals and show ur talents(The F talent).

These days he is foding in Bansal classes.Topper of physics,62nd rank in bansal and famous in gals r a few of his achievements dis year.

He has no gal frnds(as much i know) neither a boy frnd,so gals collect entry forms from r*n*i pada and please Bhatiya.
note- offer is limited so hurry up!
Something about oue Bhanu-

nick name-bhatiya
D.O.B-6 sept
fav actor-johny depp
first crush-soma das
fav color-purple
fav time pass-classes karna
fav dialouge-"chaloge na!"

which rank is bhatiya going to secure in iitjee2010?

He is the most popular 18+ kid(kab bade hoge bhaiya???)of our group,calls himself-"Jhansi Ka Raja".But i hv never seen him ruling one of jhansi boy(Purohit Bhaiya).One can smoothly smell his sentiness(50% FOSLA victim).wait i will narrate his san ended love story latter...........
Dude landed on kota on 6th june 2007 (kala din kota ke liye........).Acme king without any queen-dats wat he was.He enjoyed everything he could.i would luv to tell those idiot things we (i joined a bit late) used to do in Monus house(dat duffer was our land lord)..
wo pehla monu ka ghar,
jee ka josh,na kisi ka dar.
wo raato me tv lana,
jaga jaga kar alwar ko satana.
alwar sala pakata tha,
jabardasti maths batata tha.
ek din gattu ne use v bataya,
apna hath jagganath samjhaya.

din se achhi raten thi,
room me baith kar hone wali bate thi.
raton me phikne wale pathhar se puchho,
uski samne wale ghar se hone wali mulakate thi
ye thi apni vn ki din,
aaj tak jise raha hun gin.

he is always in doubt with 2 questions.......
(a)-how do gals wear tight jeans?
(b)-y do gals r crazy for pink color?
plz contact him to solve his queries.....

ok now his fosla love story..........
once upon atime there were two kods who ,two lovely kids,two innocent kids(sorry ek to thi,pata nahi dusre ke man me kya chal raha tha).they used to play badminto on streets.they started loving each other.time passed,earth rotated 360" around sun 10 times and everything changed but still there love was alive somewher in the dark corner of their heart.
Boy thought ,now he should not waste time in letting her know how much he loves her.he did it with little bit a help from me.
it was aussam..........both were happy.they used to meet in patna zoo(dont know y it a romantic place?).but boy had to come back to kota.he didnt want to lose her @ any rate
.now the twist comes............................
one day he phonesd her,she refused talking to him.oh no!
he couldnt tolerate dat.he changed her no and called her again,this time she flately said him not to call her again.
boy was completely dead now.he never thought of happening such a fu*king twist in his life.
yo!his time is back these days and now in romance with an another gal.he calls her"Y".(wat the shit!).dont know wheather its love or something else."y"-she is completely mad nw.even i tried her but ........(chhodo dost ki gal frnd bhabhi saman hoti hai)
jai ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

somethin abt his life-

1.nick name-krish,sonal
2.D.O.B-sep 23
3.fav color-black(ANDHERA KAYAM RAHE)
4.first crush-Sonal(ha ha ha bhabhi ka naam v wahi hai.)
5.fav cs weapon-short gun
6.fav time pass-patte
7.fav dialouge-"raat me ky rahe ho"(actually wo batana chahta hai..........)

will he get his love back?


sexy sam

Do i still need to write something about the man in posted video!he is Sam ,i mean the famous samxxx(famous among us).he has amazing energy level inside.ok let me recall u guys a few of his achivements-

(a):-"Apna hath jagganath" mantra ka jaap lagatar 2 ghante karna apke bas ki baat nahi hogi.but the dude had made it in his bath tub.(honestly speakingi cant chant for more than 10 min).

(b):-despite of making a night out in Nag,he played cricket in commerce college and set a huge score.(this was the first and last time he did it!).

(c):-spending a full year with drakula is itself an achievement.

(d):_versha ke liya 2 baar physics ki class karna.jabardast!

Like krish he is also an acme hunk and became the leader of group of ours in lohariyas house.we wasted our two fcuking years in nothing but he shaped his sexy,erotic and lickable body in those days.uploading pics in his orkut account ,talking with gals and trying out new adventures are few of his hobbies.

something abt his life:-

1.nick name-samxxx
2.D.O.B-31st jan
3.fav actor-Vin Diesel
4.first crush-Versha(aurat),mausi
5.fav cs weapon-short gun
6.fav time pass-chatting wid gals(gandi baaten)
7.fav dialouge-"hu hun...slap it!"
8.latest love-katty

who do u think can be compared to sam?

my kota life

Pratt,the Pappu(pappu kurla) was the most mast banda of our extra mast group,as he did nothing except masti.the dude belongs to Bhagalpur(a matter of proud for him).Bulls eye was the unlucky course he opted.God knows why he had everything in extra :-
1.extra height
2.extra masti
3.extra time to shake his "yantr".
4.ya,extra small chhunchhi.

ultimately he got college this year despite of all the shit he did here in kota.

speaking honestly,i was a emotional fool in his case as i spent most of my kota time with him...............the moment i saw him
first,the single thought dat struck ma mind was his fucking tall body(may be due to defeciency of nicotin in his cgrades....)which suggests he would have been bruthly molestated by either abhishek or gattu...............

he was one of my best friends in kota(the single friend whime i loved spending time with(*galt mat sochna) ).
lets discuss his bhagalpuri +kota life:-
sitting on last bench of s-10 and hooting against mkc(full form batao to janu?),the fastest fluid ejector in night outs of NAG and selling his land lords property(to kabariwala)for breakfast were the 5 things he used to do with complete honesty in kota.he loves komal chamarin (y chamarin ,may b for selling properties to her dad) and we love u pappy....................

thank u very much for those colorfull days of kota...............

something abt his lyfe

1.nick name-pappu
2.D.O.B-march 16th
3.fav color-red
4.first crush-komal chamarin ,shruti gupta(dont know who)
5.fav cs weapon-machine gun
6.fav time pass-master batting
7.fav dialouge-" ab kuchh nahi ho sakta"

what will he do in his first date?

sometime a real frnd,sometime emotional but always a real junglee. Kavish landed on kota on 26th may as he always says,"Papa mummy ne gate par laya and kicked me out".he is not neither bhatiya nor arpit who rarely attended a few fuckin(he loves using this word) classes,he is Kavish who attended 0 classes(its a real number).Bhaiya was a kind of love with GAG but never dared to talk to her,perhaps she was in R3 batch (beter than purohit and pappu......chhiiiiiiii).once he tried to say her a cute hie but she asked '"what did u say",despite of replying that cute sensetive hie...................i think dat was the sad beginning of the end of his fosla love story. Sir ji was the king of night outs.he used to enter cafes for charging his music player but after entering into the net world who cares for dat fuckin ipod.

something abt his lyfe

1.nick name-junglee
2.D.O.B-may 10
3.fav color-dusty
4.fav cs weapon-mebrick
5.fav time pass- visiting cafe
6.fav dialouge-"Google se daro"

what is unique in dude?

yaroooonnnn dosti badi hi hasin hai.........................

orkut scraps

whenever my cell rings,i start sweating and something starts crawling all over my body,dis is the terror .the terror which can only be felt if u are a regular class bunker and have a friend like Chetan Goel.

u cant feel ma pain(except purohit ,krish and alishekh).
lets go back to his fuckin entry in kota. brim over with 201% confidence and enthu coated with illusion he chose bulls eye.
everything was fine till the first test arrived(those boaring 3+3 hrs in which u have nothing to do).after scoring 100 marks in xii boards he was expecting something gud in this ....

mausi ayi,marks batane.
sabko asli aukad dikhane.
marks sun kar fat rahi thi,
heart ki diwale sat rahi thi.
fir apna number aya,
mausi ne naya parcha uthaya.
heart beats accelarte hone lagi,
man me ek sanka jagi.
abe kash arpit se jyada ho,
bhale 1 ya adha ho.
fie mausi ne naam pukara,
chetan bhaiya bole humara .
marks dekh kar puri fat gai,
ab umeed ki dori hi kat gai.
tab soche 13teen me karenge,
bansal nahi to allen me sadenge.

somthing abt his lyfe

1.nickname-gu...........(dont confuse)
2.D.O.B-22nd june
3.fav color-yellow(color of gu)
4.first crush-jyoti mishra(aur batae....)
5.fav cs weapon-magnum
6.fav time pass-city club chal rahe ho(in cafe)
7.fav dialouge-"Ghar me call kar denge!"(khauf)

wo kya ukhar sakta hai?

yaden ret ban bah gayi.................

orkut scrap code

a fuckin poem for those fuckin frnds who hope of geeting fuckin first rank in iit

Sathiya gaya hun,AIR-1 ka sapna dekhta hun.
beth kar let kar bansal ki gate kar lambi lambi fekta hun.
itna busy hun,class me kabhi kabhi hota he jana.
din raat mehnat karta hun,hume bhi hai laundiya patana.subah subah cycle pe tasrif apni tekta hun.
Sathiya gaya.......................................................!!

brush karne ka ,nahane ka time kiske pass hai.
jindgi jhand hai teri,meri to khas hai.
naste me petiz sang pohe ko jhelta hun.
kuchh na mile to chay sang pohe ko pelta hun.
fir jakar comerce college me cricket khelta hun.

exam ke do din pehle hota hai dimag kharab.
na lagti hai bhuk ,na hoti hai peshab.
savita bhabhi ke charan chhukar ,
test me tukke fekta hun.

mai akela nahi hun,do-tin aur bhi hai mere saath.
sabka mahamantra hai-"Apna hath jagganath".
dukh hota hai sochkar maine kai khoon kiya hai.
kabhi miracle boy,kabhi cobre ko head shot diye hai.
physics padh-padh kar buri tarah pak chuka hun.
aunties ko dekh ke paap kar kar thak chuka hun.
nayi umeed ke saath tute sapne chepta hun.
Sathiya gaya hun,Air-1 ka sapna dekhta hun.
who is here with all the shit we did together in Kota

For me its painful telling u dat no one cud make to iits.......(look m cring).i m no where..........going to fucing bangalore which was supposed too b my last priority.
anuj got a college through aieee(complicatd name)
siddharth in srm ki padhai koi kam nahi ayi......he was honestly dedicated to achive his night cafe no hangouts..............but......ha ha ha ha
chetaqn got nit warangal witha blood sucking branch(dont know wat will he do wid it?)
krish and alishekh are still struggling....krish thinks he sud repeat............(repeating without we idiots is killins,so dont do it)
arpit nift me maje le raha hai.....he says girl to boy ratio over there is 3 to1..oh shitttttttttttttttttt
i dnt think he wouyld die virgin in 2012...........
bhatiya is in dit ..........("i" replaced "d").......the one who was deadliesst expected to b in iit..........dit hi sahi

any way jain hind............koi gal ni.........maje karo

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